Keeping up with Covid restrictions during the Greater Sydney lockdown can be difficult, knowing what you can and can not do at a funeral service can be difficult and unclear.

So here are some rules and regulations and helpful tips to help you. How many people are allowed at a funeral? Strictly 10 people. This does not include Funeral Staff, Clergy or anyone officiating the service.

What If my loved one had Covid:? If your loved one passed away from covid, you will not be allowed to view or dress the deceased. Sadly, public safety and stopping the outbreak has become a top priority and the health department has stopped allowing viewing and dressing. You can still hold a service as you would usually. As long as all attendees are wearing appropriate masks and sign in and social distance. All attendees will be asked to present their negative test results to attend the funeral. If you are a close contact and have been in self isolation, you will not be able to attend the funeral. Live streaming can be organised for those unable to attend. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to delay the service till a negative result has been received. All negative results must be in the form of a letter from the NSW Health department.

Graveside instructions: A new law has been put in that coffins must be lowered by auto lowering devices to reduce the amount of handling done by cemetery staff. For that reason automatic lowering devices will be placed over the grave. There will also be no canopy or chairs provided at graveside as cemeteries struggle to keep up with sanitizing them after each service. To assist the digging team in social distancing there will also be no back filling of the grave. Unfortunately this will affect many Polynesians as it is customary to witness the backfill. Due to using the lowering device all mats must be secured prior to lowering to avoid mats interfering with the lowering device.

Church Service: Regardless of size of church the government will only allow 10 people to attend. They have also restricted any singing or live music during a funeral. Singing outside is allowed as long as they are wearing a mask and are social distancing, 10 people rule: The ten people that sign in can not be swapped or changed to another 10 people. At any time.

Cemetery Attendees: Many Cemeteries are now requiring a list of all attendees prior to the service You will need to provide name and phone numbers and in some cemeteries these people will be checked in and receive an arm band. Which means you will not be allowed to enter the cemetery without providing your details to the family who will provide them to the funeral director. This also means if you are getting a lift, you will need to leave the vehicle upon entering the cemetery.

Funeral staff : All funeral staff are required to either be vaccinated or be regularly tested and have a negative result to conduct funerals. This is to keep your family safe.