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Samoa Funerals’ first established in Sydney in 1994 under the name ‘South Pacific Funerals’. The Principal Funeral Director at the time saw the opportunity of such service, catering to the needs of Pacific Islander communities of Australia, in times of sadness and uneasiness within the affected families.


The founder and principal funeral director sought out an apprentice with Mr John Williams of O’Hare Funeral Service and then later set up what was then known as ‘South Pacific Funeral’.

The operation went very well until its principal funeral director left Australia for his political calling from his home country of Samoa, to serve the leaders and the Opposition’s political party for a period of years, and ‘South Pacific Funerals’ then lapse with re-registration.

O le ‘Samoa Funerals’ na ulua’i fa’avaeina i Sini i le 1994 i lalo o le igoa ‘South Pacific Funerals’. O le ulua’i Pule Faatonu lava i lea vaitaimi, na ia tilotilo ma le toto’a i le mana’omia lea o lea ituaiga o auaunaga, e tautua ai i manaoga o tagata atumotu pasefika o Ausetalia, i taimi o fa’anoanoaga ma le mautonu ona o le maliu ma le oti e aafia ai aiga.

O ia vaega na saili ai loa le ulua’i Pule Faatonu i se avanoa e a’oa’oina ai i le auaunaga i le vaaiga a le susuga ia John Williams o le O’Hare Funeral Services, ona mulimuli ane lea ma fa’avaeina ai loa le auaunaga i lea vaitaimi na fa’aigoaina o le ‘South Pacific Funerals’.

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